Nominate your business, peer, or yourself for an iconic award!
Winner gets a FREE ticket to the iconic conference and a complimentary one-night stay at The Westin San Diego. Nominations and winners chosen are open to current Vagaro Pro customers only.
1 The GOAT-1

This business has taken full advantage of Vagaro’s awesome features. The GOAT, or Greatest of All Time awardee, is an example of how Vagaro can help your business grow!

2 The Glow Up-1

It's all about reaching your highest height. The growth of your business surpassed expectations, earning you the success you deserve!

3 Social Butterfly-1

You've posted & hashtagged your way to the top! Your pics and videos made a digital mark online, leaving audiences logging in for more. Our algorithm says you’re a winner!

4 Client Whisperer-1

You embody the phrase, “the customer is always right” through your commitment & dedication to excellent customer service. Your ability to go above & beyond deserves to be recognized.

5 Super Star-1

Your customers love you! Your passion & commitment to reaching top-notch customer appreciation has led you here. You deserve this one!

6 The Inspirer-1

Your superior brand knowledge & authority has placed you in a position to go for The Inspirer of 2023. Your mastery of multiple niches is impressive and deserves praise.

7 Its a Vibe-1

In recognition of your lavish location & your commitment to creating an environment of lush opulence for your clients, you're a solid contender for the It's A Vibe award!

8 Wiggin Out-1

Your skillful technique to shape, color and style wigs & extensions is unparalleled. If you've created innovative, head-turning looks in 2023, this one's for you!

9 Totally Textured-1

We honor your exceptional ability to tame all types of tresses! Your services were integral in helping embrace, shape & celebrate all hair textures.

10 Color Me The Best-1

Your bold, bright and vivid color transformations breathe life into dull hair. Cheers to your extraordinary eye for color & outstanding performance in 2023!

11 Shear Perfection-1

Your talent to flatter and sharpen your customers' appearance is a cut above the rest. Your helpful hands & dexterity make all your clients look so fresh!

12 Bad Ass Barber-1

This award goes to the kick-ass barber who keeps hairlines in check & beard gangs fresh. Your beast mode approach to precision cuts & grooming was exceptional in 2023.

13 Ink Master-1

This award goes to the body artist whose ink captivated & stunned us all in the best ways in 2023; whose clients were literally walking canvases illustrating their prodigious talent.

14 Nailed It-1

This one goes to the nail technician whose acrylic artistry of color & shape—squoval, anyone?—helped clients make all the right statements in 2023.

15 Lush Lashes-1

This award is for the lash technician whose work granted clients an air of movie-star mystique & that unforgettable, luxurious gaze in 2023.

16 Besthetician-1

This award goes to the esthetician who gave clients the confidence to shine by making their complexions shine less! They wrapped, masked & peeled to a silky, show-stopping glow.

17 Mighty MedSpa-1

Is this heaven? No, it's a medspa! This award goes to the medspa whose luxurious brand of pampering left clients feeling younger, smoother & refreshed from head to toe in 2023.

18 The Ahhward-1

The tension just melts away when you say it. This one is for the massage therapist whose magic hands took a lot off clients' backs—and shoulders & necks—in 2023.

19 Muaccolade-1

This award goes to the makeup artist whose eye for color & skill with a brush gave clients all the glam, glitz, attitude & beauty they could have asked for in 2023.

20 You Got This-1

It’s more than just a phrase—this award goes to the fitness instructor who didn’t just get results, but inspired clients to crash through ceilings, crush fitness goals & achieve true body transformations in 2023.

21 Pain Palace-1

This award goes to the fitness facility whose blend of equipment, creative use of space & overall energetic vibe inspired clients to conquer mountains as soon as they walked through the door in 2023!

22 Youre on Mute-1

This award is for the business that not only boarded the live streaming train, but drove it into the future with the number of classes they held & the creativity they showed.

23 Well Well Well-1

This award goes to the wellness center that provided a self-care oasis for clients in 2023, uniting body, mind & spirit under one banner of wellbeing.

24 The Unicorn-1

 Before leading the pack, they were a pack of one. This award goes to the unique business that blazed its own trail and turned a “crazy idea” into a livelihood that caught fire in 2023.